26 January 2006

0054~ Are you happy, oh, my Shooting Star..?

i have a new blog! i have a new blog..! :D

24 January 2006

0053~ Name it!

i'm thinking of changing my blog name and address again.....
whelp, for the Nth time.. hehehe

watcha think? =)
any suggestions? =)

kung type ko ang suggestion mo, libre kita ng frap! :D

17 January 2006

0052~ Someday by Flipsyde

one lazy night, i was catching up on my Jay Leno episodes and chanced upon this band performer of that night.

the band's name is Flipsyde. they sang Someday. catchy tune. safe lyrics.
check their website. download the music if you may... and bounce to their beat. ;)
otherwise, wait until the local radios play them.


+ Someday we gonna rise up on that wind you know + Someday we gonna dance with those lions + Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin' +

They tellin' me it's all good just wait + You know you're gonna be there someday + Sippin' on Jim Beam ok + Gotta get these things one day + Till then do another line you know + Searching for that other high + Stop or I gotta steal then steal + Kill or I'm gonna be killed + I got a sack in my pocket + Conscious yellin' drop it + You know we're gonna lose it someday + And we tryin' to hold it all together + But the devil is too clever so + I'm gonna die you gonna die we gonna die + Someday one day I said

+ Someday we gonna rise up on the wind you know + Someday we gonna dance with those lions + Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin' +

Try to lie but it ain't me + Ain't me try to look but I can't see + Can't stop right now cause I'm too far + And I can't keep goin' cause it's too hard + In the day in the night it's the same thing + On the field on the block it's the same game + On the real if you stop then it's no pain + But if you can't feel pain then it's no gain + Rearrange and you change and it's all bad + And you try to maintain but you fall back + And you crawl and you slip and you slide down + Wanna make it to the top better start now + So I hold my soul and I die hard + All alone in the night in the graveyard + Someday one day I'm gonna be free + And they won't try to kill me for being me + Hey someday

+ Someday we gonna rise up on that wind you know + Someday we gonna dance with those lions + Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin' +

If you know how this is + Gonna see it's not that easy + Don't stop get it till it's done + From where you are or have begun + I said keep on try a little harder + To see everything you need to be + Believe in your dreams + That you see when you're asleep

+ Someday we gonna rise up on that wind you know + Someday we gonna dance with those lions + Someday we gonna break free from these chains and keep on flyin' +

0051~ elevator bore

while waiting for the elevator last night to reach our floor to fetch me,
these lines are what came to my mind...

i got so dizzy,
why it's so easy,
for you to tease me...

hehehehe naaliw lang ako.. i wanted to hum some song
but i could not think of any at that moment..

0050~ My Fave Punk Rock Pinoy Band and Band Members - JOIN THE CLUB! =)

Grab a copy of their album NOBELA!!!

13 January 2006

0049~ Feel Good

Your 2005 Song Is

Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz

"Love forever love is free.
Let's turn forever you and me."

In 2005, you were loving life and feeling no pain.

*Funny, I like Gorillaz's music and how their lyrics were written.
They're very creative, i must say.

0048~ Life...

"...where friends become lovers, and lovers become bitter suicide..
all on the same show!"
~ tagline taken from the "5th Wheel", ETC channel

11 January 2006

0047~ our boss dropped the bomb yesterday

note to reader:
as of this writing, the content of this entry is still a top secret. there are only seven (or eight) of us in the company who knows about this. we still don't know when an official statement would be released. so, if you know me and if you're working at the same company that i am currently working for, you are suppose to shut up. thank you. ;) ehehe


i took the half day off yesterday and the first thing i did as soon as i arrived in the office was to eat my lunch. impressive!

my mother bosing joined me since she finds french fries really irresistable. she munched and munched and we pushed a bit of a small talk - on work and on life - as i swallow every bite of my double-cheese burger.

touching on work-related matters, she passively told me that she will announce something important later in our meeting... i had a weird feeling about it.

mother: may ia-announce ako mamaya sa inyo.. (she smiles) importante..

bee: (having a bad feeling what it was) hmm.. ano po yun??

mother: basta..! matutuwa kayo.... (smiles)

bee: ayyy.. nahuhulaan ko na...... kami ba talaga ang matutuwa..? o ikaw..? ayyy nakow..!...

mother: (mother hysterically laughs hard) basta.. mamaya sasabihin ko sa inyo..

i began to worry.


we had our staff meeting yesterday. no one knew what our agenda was, but we did discuss a lot of things that mother bosing wrote in the white board. we were brainstorming as if our minds were not wandering on the topic of "staffing" written last on the list.

finally, all of us had shut up and sufficed our hunger for clarity in our work for the next few days. mother wore a funny knowing face and told me:

mother: o game.. hulaan mo na kung ano ang ia-announce ko....

there goes the hysterical laugh again and my colleagues had put on their expecting, smiling faces. i already forewarned them.

bee: malilipat kami.....? iba na ang hahawak samen....?

i'm beginning to think that i can actually make millions in fortune telling - as if this is "fortune-ate" ...what about changing professions, huh..?

i was right.

another manager, let's name him tatay, will be handling us, the ELSA team, and that's ok actually. i've already worked with him in my early NGO-days and he handles his staff well. he makes work fun. i think, he's really approachable and that's why people here in the office love him. he's game.

i look forward to working with tatay again.. but of course, i'll definitely miss mother.

10 January 2006

0046~ Parents.

they'll make you

and then

they'll break you..

and then

pick you up again

and help you get back to your feet.


0045~ what's in a name?

just thought taking these name quizes was a fun way to lessen my stress.

by the way, i like my Japanese name better. ;)
[i think i'm turning japanese, i think i'm turning japanese, i don't think so..)

Your Hawaiian Name is:
Oliana Malu

Your Irish Name Is...
Gemma Dunne

Your 1920's Name is:
Ione Violette

Your Sexy Brazilian Name is:
Kaliana Rodrigues

Your Japanese Name Is...
Uma Sasaki

Your Porn Star Name Is...
Albino Kitty

09 January 2006

0044~ eLemento

my element is actually earth, but this test says otherwise. =) nevertheless, i like what it says and somehow hits on some facts except for the last description. ;)

Your Element is Fire
Your power color: red
Your energy: hot
Your season: spring
Like a fire, you are full of power and light.A born leader, you easily draw people toward you.You are full of courage and usually up for anything dangerous.You have a huge ego and love to be the center of attention.